Life philosophy; view things differently.

The primary distinction of an artist is the ability to apply creativity and aesthetic sensibilities to a challenge, and so, I developed an early passion for art when I underwent risk free treatment for my blocked tear ducts. During this time, I had to maintain bandages over my eyes for a week. Reluctantly, I stayed indoors and for a hyperactive young girl, not an easy task.

By day two, I was a nightmare in pigtails. I used my sense of touch to trace outlined shapes of all familiar objects. My intrigue for creative expression left my fingerprints on all of our polished furniture. Needless to say, my family encouraged me to pick up drawing. This was when I first understood that with sight; we see but with art; we have vision! The more I drew, the better I became at shaping my own environment. This fleeting experience set the stage throughout my life to translate a relationship between art and sight.

I continued to evolve as an artist throughout my formative years at California State University of Northridge where I hold a BA in Art at the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, & Communication, and a degree in Biology at the College of Science & Mathematics. I continued to practice art while working in the field of research and development biology. I have long since had to desire to be an eye-care advocate although I remained committed to my love for art and art making. I collaborated with local art museums, and utilized my skills in traditional art in after school programs for children struggling with vision loss. I remembered how carefree I was while I was the same age. Only difference was, I was fortunate to have undergone a risk-free treatment for my eyes and continued to paint, draw and shape an appreciation for art.

Try as I could, I could not get past this comparison and in Fall of 2010, I created my first patent on 3D tactile surfaces for visually impaired children. For now, I am further developing my bridging book with the purpose to provide an easy-to-understand guide to the artistic worldview so children can enjoy together, those with or without vision.

Proceeds earned from my art sales help a community need. I definitely hope to be able to do more. Who knows where this relationship between art and sight might lead to next.